Week 2 Sanga

Sanga 2: Enthusiasm for Devotional Life

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur explains, “Do not forget this chanting, whether you are in a happy condition or a distressful one.” What does it take to not only maintain our day-to-day spiritual practice, but also successfully make progress? How can we be “spiritual warriors” in the face of challenges and obstacles to our spiritual practice?


  1. Read this letter to Tejiyas Prabhu

  2. Read letter to Dhananjaya Prabhu


To explore the topic of maintaining our enthusiasm for our sadhana in very practical ways.


In the selected letters, Srila Prabhupada emphasizes the need for enthusiasm in our service to Krishna. Living a spiritual life in the material world can be difficult, especially as youth. How do we constantly keep that energy alive? (Maya is a dangerous devotee). How do we maintain a balance and always keep Krishna at the center of it?

Discuss challenges that people might have in keeping up in their spiritual practice – work, school, negative thoughts/experiences, feelings of guilt, wanting to take shortcuts, going through the motions but no impact, etc. What is essential to keeping our enthusiasm for serving Krsna strong – maybe come to a consensus as a group of three main things. Discuss how to cultivate and apply this practically?

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