Week 8 Sanga

Sanga 8: Importance of Austerity

What is the significance of taking a Kartik vrata? What is the significance of austerity in our spiritual lives?


  1. Read this article describing the month of Kartik

  2. Read this short article on austerity by HH Radhanath Swami: 


What is your Kartik vrata? Share with your group and discuss why you are following this vrata. If you have not chosen a vrata, discuss one you would like to do for the rest of the month (it’s not too late!)

There are two categories of vows people usually make during this month: one is to give up something (junk food, tv, etc); the other is incorporate something in your daily life (more rounds, doing the dishes, etc). Most austerities in devotional life can also fall into one of these categories. In Krishna Consciousness, we are given a definition of austerity: to accept what is favorable for our Krishna Consciousness, and to reject what is unfavorable. How do you apply this principle practically in your life?

What does the word austerity mean to you?

Why does Krishna ask us to perform austerities? How does this help us develop love for him?

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