Week 10 Sanga

Sanga 10: Transformation of the Heart

Can Krishna Consciousness have a real impact on the world, on a global scale? How can we set examples for others?


  1. Watch this short talk by Radhanath Swami 


What points did you like? Which resonated well with you?

What does Radhanath Swami say falls under the category of “judging others?” Do we find ourselves guilty of any of these tendencies?

He says real love manifests as having compassion with equal vision. He says we have to discriminate, but not in an egoistic way. What do these statements mean? We usually hear the word “discrimination” in a negative context. However, discrimination is part of our intelligence. For example, it is important to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong. What does it mean then to discriminate in our daily lives, without judgment, without our false egos?

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